Combo 04 boxes Dandelion tea bags Clean medicinal herb 40 filter bags


Dandelion tea bags with 100% ingredients from fresh dandelions, this is a precious medicinal herb that nature has given to humans. Eastern and Western medicine both highly value this plant because it contains many beneficial nutrients for the human body. Science has also proven that if you use this product long-term, it will help treat a number of diseases such as: joint pain, muscle pain, eczema, rashes, bruises,… and many other uses. other.
– Expiry date: 18 months
– Packaging: 40 filter bags/ box * 04 boxes
– Brand: DaLaVi
– Tea preservation: Just keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Once you have opened the box of tea bags, after each use, tie the bag or cover the box tightly for better results next time.