Dai Gia – Golden flower Tea 100g helps cool the liver and detoxify – Free shipping


Golden Flower Tea is made from 60% dried yellow flowers along with 20% black musk and 20% black tea, bringing you a convenient tea bag product with a special aroma and benefits such as liver purification, skin beauty, regulating blood and many other benefits for health.

Ingredients: Yellow Flower Tea 60%, Musk Black 20%, Black Tea 20%

  • Origin: Made in Vietnam by Đai Gia Tea
  • Packing: 01 box contains 20 sachets x 1,5 grams. Gross weight 95 grams
  • Exp: new product, 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Note: The shipping unit only accepts shipping for orders of relative size and weight. Please order from 8 boxes (equivalent to 4 months of drink) for free shipping,

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