L’angFarm Polygonum Multiflorum Tea Bag help Blacken Hair – Free ship


L’angFarm Polygonum Multiflorum Tea Bag is the product made by QUANG THAI CO., LTD. Ha Thu O filter tea bag with 80% ingredients from the Polygonum Multiflorum. It has a delicious taste, easy to drink. Tea is used to prevent white hair, make blacken hair, reduce knee and back pain, lower blood pressure.

User: People who have white hair prematurely, backache, nervous breakdown.

  • Origin: Made in Vietnam by QUANG THAI CO., LTD
  • Package: Each bag contains 20 tea bags x 02 grams.
  • Brand: L’ang Farm
  • EXP: in late 2022 or later / 02 years from the manufacturing date

– Please order 8 boxes or more to qualify for free shipping. Thanks a lot!