Tue Hai Cassava Flour Powder 500gr – Free shipping

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– Clears heat and detoxifies in the following cases: drunk people, food poisoning, car fumes, car fumes, bloody stools, reduces acne, prevents constipation, prevents heat.
– Neutralizes acids, fights harmful pathogens, reduces the risk of diarrhea and digestive disorders.
– Combined with Tamari sauce to cure sunstroke, high fever, headache, fainting, and drafts.
– Supports the treatment of blood lipid diseases, fatty liver, and obesity.
  • Weight: 500gr/ bag
  • Origin: Quy Nguyen Company – Viet Nam
  • Brand: Ong Thay Tue Hai – Quy Nguyen
  • EXP: 24 months
  • Storage method: sealed, light proof, moistureproof