What is Good Vietnamese Coffee?

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Good coffee and the right way to enjoy a good cup of coffee

Coffee is associated with the lives of many people around the world. Especially in Vietnam, a country where coffee has become a cultural feature. Vietnamese coffee does not discriminate between men and women, old people or young people, regardless of the time to enjoy. Every morning everyone drinks coffee before going to work.

Evening coffee gathering with friends. Coffee appears on the desk, at leisure… However, not everyone knows what good coffee needs. And how to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

That is the coffee culture of Asians, or in other words, the characteristics of Vietnamese people.

What is Good Vietnamese Coffee?

Fresh, clean comes with a balance of flavors: aroma, bitterness, sourness and sweetness are the deciding factors for a good cup of coffee. Depending on the habits and preferences, the deliciousness of coffee is enjoyed and evaluated differently by each person.

The best thing for coffee addicts is to enjoy a cup of pure coffee. Good coffee must be made from clean, quality ingredients.

Processing must be professional, correct technique, especially meticulous in the coffee roasting process. This will bring out the distinctive flavor of the coffee.

What factors determine a good cup of Good Vietnamese Coffee?

There are delicious coffee beans, but not everyone knows how to roast and grind quality coffee powder, and how to make a delicious cup of finished drink.

Five factors determine good coffee: bitterness, sweetness, acidity, strength and aroma. Quality coffee is a type of coffee that must meet all the above 5 factors to create a special taste. And a good cup of coffee must balance the above 5 factors.

Coffee must have a bitter taste, but not everyone knows where the bitterness comes from. Coffee has a bitter taste due to its high caffeine content. Many people do not know how to create bitterness by roasting dark coffee.

Natural sugars make up 6-9% of the weight of coffee beans. The sweetness is easy to feel when you drink pure coffee. In order for coffee to keep its sweetness, in addition to coffee varieties, the picking and preliminary processing of coffee must also be done properly. So the job of growing coffee is quite difficult if you want to create quality coffee.

Depending on the type of coffee will have different sour taste. And judging the sourness of coffee is very difficult if you are not a coffee connoisseur. Arabica is a more acidic coffee than Robusta because it contains more Acid content.

Coffee is one of the types of coffee with a very specific aroma due to its many varieties. Typically, Arabica comes in more than 800 different flavors. The taste of coffee is also divided into several different stages:

  • Immediately after roasting the coffee.
  • The scent of the solution when prepared.
  • The aftertaste of coffee after drinking.

Good Vietnamese Coffee drinking style
Everyone has a different way of enjoying coffee. Some people choose unadulterated pure coffee to protect their health. Coffee connoisseurs choose traditional coffee because of its rich taste and aroma.

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